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I am Joanne Tan ORCID logo, a PhD researcher based at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, located just ~25 minutes away from the heart of Munich, Germany. Here, I work with Dr. Thorsten Naab on topics broadly related to the cosmological formation and evolution of massive galaxies. My current research focuses on studying the multiphase circumgalactic medium (CGM) — we probe into metal absorption lines to trace the various phases of the CGM in cosmological simulations, in hopes of better understanding the enigmatic CGM.

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Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in deepening my understanding of galaxy formation and evolution, as well as the co-evolutionary relationship between (massive) black holes and their host galaxies. As my current research focuses on studying galaxies and their CGM using computational methods, I am particularly keen on learning new methods to apply to my research.

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Other than astronomy, I am also *very* passionate about good food and fun travels. I love to snap photos during my travels, and also before I devour delicious food. Check out my photo galleries below!

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If you are interested in connecting with me regarding astronomy, feel free to email me at: jtan[at]mpa-garching[dot]mpg[dot]de! Always happy to connect with people who are interested in astronomy and excited to talk about astronomy :) You can also reach out to me on Bluesky .